Christmas help for children

Volunteer with Caritas-Spes-Odessa

It often happens that people want to help someone, but does not know what to do, where to go. There are a lot of information about charities that need volunteers on the internet, but who needs help in the first place? And whether these organizations really do what they say? Volunteer is a calling to bring joy and happiness to those who need it, the calling that does not depend on sex, age and education. That is why, if you feel the strength and desire to do good and enjoy it, if you want to be helpful, if the gratitude is the main for you - welcome to our happy family! By becoming a volunteer, you not only help others, but also get a lot of benefits for yourself, namely:
  • Learn how to work in teams, solve problems and find compromises;
  • Acquire new friends and useful contacts;
  • Feel like necessary and important, become more self-assured;
  • Learn how to be responsible and organized;
  • Change your life and get important experience.
Today our volunteers communicate in social networks, participate in the projects and activities of RM "Caritas-Spes-Odessa" and just come to visit us. Our volunteer projects are replenished every day with interesting and memorable events organized by volunteers themselves. You don’t have to spend all your time to a volunteering, you can spend couple of hours in a month. If you want to become a part of our big friendly team – welcome!!!

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